(Mhiko Bernal photos)

11011478_967329493279708_7162578173149949188_nall tourist spots near in tagaytay going to Brgy. San Gabriel municipality of laurel batangas could not familiar when it comes to try and witness thier places  but when i saw it! i can’t imagine it was so amazing the sounds of the water underneath the Nipa bamboo Hut sorrounded of some views like trees and water “telling my mind that im here” and i wanted to spread to all of you the beauty of our mother nature…


“being a nature lover i feel the place cool and refreshing site childrens are busy to swim while im getting some shots on my Lens learning how to get more views in both side;



while in the middle of a hanging  bridge going to the place of falls i feel so nervous but i did it! i carry all the way while taken a nice shots,excited mixed of surprise…taken picture all the cast of this wonderful adventure ever! comprase while each of the camera is ready to captured courtesy a friend of mine name angelo the explorer he also a blogger he enjoy the place and he wants to repeat again he said;



11068181_10200247743951515_8368804731996808437_nAt  the back side two handsome taken guys namely mhiko and aldrin  surprise in own way making smile while two lovely kembot is always making some comedy to them like we say a word of “BOKING” a gay lingual a friend of mine blue always say that lingu while walking (laugh)

We have 3 Rivers part of hike to sacrifice barefoot each river is getting challenge part of trail and we had a little bit wet but its amazing…SAM_0443



“If you try to go here just make sure  you are Responsible to make it clean and never throw garbage inside the place…be a nature lover”





“and here the mouth of falls here we landed all the way to our marker the air is refreshing the Rock covered trees and water fierce amazing, the meaning of ambun-ambun is raindrops flowing… we called it”AMBUN“the next time will visit this amazing falls again i promise to bring all of my friends and see how wonderful nature were mother earth created on us, asking myself how to maintain this land if some people throwing  thier own garbage, make it green always if they dont know how to decipline itself which is to avoid their own garbage to this place so help us! because our future childrens were follows our steps, so tell them and spread to all living in this planet  love our mother earth”.


                             We Will Do the Right things To Clean Our Environment        


 Main entrance of Ambun-Ambun Falls

 Almost 23.62k all the way Uphill to downhill vise versa (360 degree assault) side trip to Falls & spring with Lomi/halo-halo galore (snack to Lunch)






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